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Preparing your Home for sale


You want to make your home as appealing to potential buyers as possible.  You want your home to stand out from all the other homes for sale in Denver; here is a list of things that will help you achieve your ultimate goal of selling your home.

  1. Remove your personality and emotions.
    • First and foremost, try doing the impossible; remove your emotions from your home.  Now, I said do the impossible for a reason, it’s difficult to impossible to remove your emotions when it comes to your house.  You probably have a lot of fond memories there and will take offense to someone criticize what you have done.  Try putting yourself in their shoes, they are making one of the most important decisions in their lives and they want everything to be perfect.  Now think about what happens when you pick another place to live, are you critical of things you don’t like?  Everyone has different taste, someone thought pink tile floors and pink countertops looked good with dark brown cabinets in the house my wife and I bought, we disagreed.
    • Remove your photos- Buyers need to “see” themselves living in your house and seeing your family on the walls will make that harder.  One idea is to replace your pictures with pictures of scenery, post cards, flowers, or anything else that takes “you” out the house and allows them to see themselves there.
    • Knick knacks are great, but they can be distracting to buyers.  You don’t want them looking at your collection, you want the viewing your home.  Try packing these away until you get to your new home.


  1. Create good curb appeal – the old adage is that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  That applies tremendously when buyers look at your home, their first impression will be the home’s exterior and the landscaping.  Here are things you can do to increase your curb appeal.
    • Look at the exterior; does it need a fresh coat of paint?  If it’s been more than 10 years, or it the paint is chipped, scratched, or cracked, consider having the exterior painted.
    • Do you have siding?  Siding can be washed with a power washer to get all the dirt and grime off.
    • Make sure the door is in working order.  This includes the handles, lock, and screen door, if the screen is torn or missing or your glass is broken, repair or replace the door.
    • Clean out all debris from gutters and the roof.
    • Landscaping is a very important for first impressions.  Mow the lawn.  Trim bushes, especially bushes near walkways.  Trim or Remove broken tree limbs or any limbs hanging near or over the home. Remove weeds or dead plants.  Buyers like color, meaning flowers, plants, and green grass. 


  1. Remove clutter and excess furniture – The best thing to do is pack anything you can live without for a short time.  If needed, rent a storage unit to store excess furniture and boxes.  Here are things to look at.
    • Does opening your closet door create an avalanche of debris?  Ok, most of us aren’t that bad, but remember the more things that are in your closet the smaller it appears.  The last thing you want your buyers doing is questioning whether they will have enough storage. 
    • Excess Furniture- I’ve been in houses with buyers and they will say “this master bedroom is really small”.  In fact the room is quite big, but with a California King, 2 dressers, armoire, and 2 nightstands, the room just got a lot smaller.  You don’t want the rooms in your home to feel like a cabin on a cruise ship.  Your home needs to feel big and open and that means removing excess furniture.  This applies to every room in the house.
    • Kitchen counters should be as de-cluttered as possible, buyers want a lot of counter space so remove small appliances and limit anything else that’s on the counter.


  1. Clean – There are 2 things that absolute repulse buyers, a dirty house and foul odors.
    • This isn’t just your regular everyday clean, your house needs to be as spotless as possible.  Consider hiring a cleaning company to come in and give your house a deep cleaning.
    • Pet odors can be varying in severity.  You may be able to air your house out and vacuum the floors to remove pet dander and that’s it.  However, if the new puppy didn’t understand potty training you will either need to have the carpets professionally cleaned or replaced.  Don’t attempt to mask pet odors, buyers will smell it and move on to another house.
    • Smoking odors are one of the toughest odors to remove because the smoke gets into everything, your carpets, furniture, the walls, and ceiling.  Non Smokers will notice the second they walk in the door.  You should consider painting the walls and ceiling, cleaning or replacing the carpet, and cleaning furniture and drapes to remove the odor. 


  1. Paint- Painting is an inexpensive way to update your home and increase the appeal to buyers.
    • Neutral colors- Remember it’s not the color you like; the idea is to appeal to the largest number of buyers which means using neutral colors.
    • Don’t forget the ceiling.  If you have popcorn ceilings, you may want to have a painter spray them vs. painting them yourself.
    • Trim- If the trim is scratched or chipped; a new coat of paint can make a tremendous difference. 


  1. Minor repairs- Buyers don’t want to move into a home in disrepair.
    • Buyers will most likely have a home inspection that will uncover physical defects, so it’s beneficial for you to repair problems before the inspection.
    • Go thru your home and note any minor issues such as dripping faucets, loose door handles, squeaky doors, nail holes, loose hand rails, burnt out light bulbs, and replacing filters.  These little things can make a big difference.

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